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NFC application market will reach $10.01596 billion in 2016

Market research institutions MarketsandMarkets recently released a survey on NFC, according to the survey, NFC application market will reach $10.01596 billion in 2016,starting in 2011,the growth rate reach 38%,the NFC applications including:mobile payment, ticket booking, data sharing, access control, loyalty payment, information, entertainment and advertising.It is important to note that this is referring to the value of the application itself, rather than the cash flow value created by the application.

Report based on the data of 2011, predicts that by 2016, starting in 2011, the next five years, mobile payment will be NFC main application scenarios, and will be with the coordinated development of smart card market. For now, the lack of safety and standard is 2 points affecting the development of NFC payments.